Event Will Start In:

When: Thursday, February 8, 2018

Time: 8:30AM

Where: Georgia State Capitol House Resolution By – Georgia General Assembly & Tweet:@Pastorsabrinamc

Who: “National Taskforce Against Domestic Violence” #Taskforce2018

What: Equal Right Amendment Capitol Day








We ALL Deserve a Voice!

Sadly, some don’t have it and we are working to change that. I am Pastor Sabrina McKenzie the Founder of the Taskforce Against Domestic Violence and it is our mission to end violence against ALL women. We are working to be the powerhouse that bridges the gap between grassroots organizations and larger non-profits sectors, which also shares resources with survivors and those grassroots agencies who are boots on the ground. We impact public policy by writing legislation, advocating for women, and partnering with networks. I welcome you to join your voice with the many others helping the voiceless find their voices trough NTADV! What do you say?  

out of 3 women have been victims of [some form of] physical violence

phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide

The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $8.3 billion per year.


The presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide by 500%

Event Schedule & Registration

Women Impacting Public Policy “Power Brokers” Starts In:








  • Registration for this event will begin at 9:30 AM sharp, inside the Capitol Building room (341.)Schedule:
    • 10:00AM-11:30PM “Power Brokers” Women Impacting Public Policy in room 341
    • 11:30PM- 1:30PM Celebrity Panel “Change Your Pain to Power” in room 341
    • 1:30 PM- 2:00PM Press Conference

    Dress Code:Business Professional


The event is free, however a ticket is needed to enter. Click below!

  • Volunteers Needed
  • Advocate at your State Capitol
  • Support Legislation that promotes women’s equality
  • Send emails or call the of the House of Representatives
  • Attend Rallies
  • Promote and assist with National or Local events

Outbreaks Across The Country

On the night of Dec. 4, Utah Valley dispatchers received a frantic 911 call from a woman begging for help in the last moments of her life.Sue Ann Sands screamed in terror from inside her lime green Volkswagen Beetle, which her ex-boyfriend had rammed with his SUV before coming at her with a gun in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in American Fork, according to police. James Dean Smith fired at least seven rounds into Sands’ car — one of them fatally striking the 39-year-old woman in the head. Minutes later, Smith died during a shootout with police.

August 24, 2016: Police accuse a New Jersey man of fatally beating his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son – because the toddler DARED to stand up for his mama. Zachary Tricoche is alleged to have told the young boy to “put up his hands” and fight before he delivered the DEATH BLOWS to the baby. New Jersey Zachary was arraigned Tuesday on murder charges but didn’t enter a plea. His bail was set at $1 million cash. It all started when Zachary and his girlfriend began arguing because he didn’t like the groceries she bought. Prosecutors say that Zach pushed his girlfriend, and her 2-year-old became UPSET – and tried to defend his mother. That’s when Zachary allegedly exploded. Police say that Zachary allegedly punched the boy twice in the torso and the child hit his head on the wall, knocking him out. The child died from his injuries.

Accomodation Info

Georgia House of Representatives
accm1206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334 Group Name: Worship on Washington
Georgia House of Representatives
accm2206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334 Group Name: Worship on Washington
Georgia House of Representatives
accm4206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334 Group Name: Worship on Washington
Georgia House of Representatives
accm3206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334 Group Name: Worship on Washington

Our Venue

—   Georgia State Capitol 206 Washington St SW Atlanta, GA 30334 — November 8, 2017 @ 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM


If you have any questions, contacts us at taskforce@sabrinamckenzie.org, or  fill out the form below!

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